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David Truran

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Welcome; that is a beauty.  I bet it sounds even better than it looks - have you worked on it? The bridge base is light-coloured for an oldie.  Very, very nice indeed.

If you copy your post into the acoustic section of the forum you should get plenty more interest!!

Best wishes.

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As far as I know, the L-7 is all original except for the pick guard, which I built. The original turned to dust as many do because of unstable resins. All the hardware is original. The bridge is very dry - I ought consider oiling next time I change strings. The A-3 I bought in pieces from a family where it had been stored in an attic for maybe 40 years - all in pieces and the original ebony fretboard had turned to dust. In re-assembling, it got a new finger board that I radiused to 12" and new frets. Tap-tuned and profiled the back and belly after treating it with potassium silicate as in an old violin. When assembled, It got a fresh varnish job with oil-based violin varnish and 19th century pigments, some derived from distilled blood (mine). It's a great player.

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