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Good bye Dark Fire


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That’s it I’ve given up. After paying in full back in December for My Dark Fire I have now cancelled the order and purchased a PRS instead. I am very annoyed that there has been no information officially given out from Gibson about expected delivery date to the UK.[-X I’m sure Gibson will have no problem selling all the Dark Fires that they eventually send to the UK, so will not be concerned that they have lost me as a customer. All that was needed was a little bit more information. If they had said sorry but the guitars won't be ready untill June/July I would have waited. My store also hinted that they would also be looking for the extra Money due to the price increase. Which was just another argument I didn’t want to face. So farewell Dark fire forum and I wish you all good luck and I hope all of you waiting for your DFs get them soon.[-o<

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I'm not surprised you've given up. All their fanfare in December is looking ridiculous now. I keep thinking - give it another week...

I cant decide whether i'm actually buying a lemon or not.


There's no way this thing is going to hold its value like other Gibsons - given around half of the cost is on software. None of that is going to work in 5 years time let alone 10 or 20. Can you imagine having some 1970's or 80's Gibson now that still used software from back then!?


And then the electronics will fail and wont be repairable. So it will revert back to a $1000 guitar.


Sorry to be so negative, but I'm really, really getting p1ssed off. But of course, I'm not going to cancel my order...so I should shut up.

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This dark fire saga is a joke beyond all belief.


Gadgetuk, if the company you purchased the dark fire in full from was hinting at extra cash,

they are having a laugh with you. It's Illegal.

Am sorry you have cancelled your order for the DF although the PRS should give you some satisfaction. enjoy =D>)


All it would take from Gibson is an inkling of information as to when all of us who ordered DF's would likely recieve them

and all these forum pages of annoyed people could be relieved!


Maybe Gibson is waiting for us all to cancel so they dont have to sell them at the original asking price?

Well I aint cancelling mine on principle!


All I hope is that when I and everyone else recieves what they have ordered it turns out to be exactly what

was advertised and put in front of us to buy back in 2008!!!. No exceptions.


Where's the info Elantric promised after messe?

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