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Trying to solve the mysteries of my 90s Gibson.

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Hey, new member here. I have a guitar that is new to me, a 99 LP Studio Gothic.

I know a few things about the guitar; the gothic series was 98-03, consisted of a LP, SG, V, EXP, 335, 135. Has Orville on the back, original Gibson logo on the 12th; the basics I think everyone knows.

But here's where I think i'll need a real Gibson history buff/ expert to help:

  • Gothic LPs got a 59 rounded neck vs the 60s slim taper that studios the same years got. Why?
  • My serial indicates 2000 but the guitar was bought in 99, paperwork indicates 99. Is it actually a 2000? If so, how was it sold in 99 if the neck wasn't stamped till 2000?
  • The Gothic LPs body is 1 or 2 cm thinner than other LP bodies. Why?
  • I've never seen a 98 LP Gothic and they arent listed in the original sales brochure for the gothic series. Only 335, 135, SG, EXP, V.  Were they not made the first year? Why?
  • Any rough estimate as to how many were made?
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