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Naphta for gunk on plastic?

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There's a spot of gunk/gummy stuff/soft glue/whatever on a piece of plastic I'm looking to clean (brand new, last one. It's a long and boring story). For stuff like that - like with tape residue - what do you recommended? Lighter fluid on a piece of cloth, rub it clean? I want it off with no residue of whatever you clean plastic details with. Tips appreciated. 

Thank you. 

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10 minutes ago, Pinch said:

Naphta = lighter fluid, right? 

Yes.  Thinking back on my smoking/Zippo days, I can say that Zippo fluid burns a little hotter and cleaner, while Ronson is a little more smoky and oily. I doubt that those observations will make any difference in cleaning a part, but just that different brands have different levels of refinement maybe. Like the difference between #2 and #1 Kerosene.

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