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Les Paul crackling hitting the high E and G strings, and electric noise output-jack

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I've got a Les Paul Classic sunburst 2021 as a gift, originally bought in a shop of a quality dealer for top brands. Guarantee and all the works. Now I am a beginner so a lot is new to me. 

And if you're new, new instrument, beginner, a lot is distracting, even a  bit intimidating, you have to get to know this guitar. So certain things begin to come into focus when you have

the guitar a bit longer. There was this  crackling when I hit the High E-string and also at times the G. I didn't know if this was there before. So is it the amp, is it the cable?

Then I also noticed a zooming noise as my arm came nearer to the guitar-body. And also a noise that resembles the 60-cycle noise (like on an un-shielded Telecaster). 

This last noise disappears when my fingers touch the square plate around the output-jack.  I tried another cable, same result. Another guitar on the amp did not have these sounds

except for the 60-cycle. That other guitar is a Telecaster,  it is normal for that guitar to have cycle noise unless you do more copper shielding on the inside.


Now these disturbing sounds are not there if I have the guitar on 'clean' -mode on my Marshall MG CD15 amp. But when on overdrive with more gain this noise is stronger.

This morning the 60 cycle-type noise is still here, maybe I didn't notice it in the beginning, played perhaps mostly on clean-mode when it does not occur. Yet the E-string crackle is not

there like it was yesterday. 


The guitar is new, but do I have to take steps to 'shield' the output-jack? or is it normal for a Les Paul to behave like this on overdrive with gain? Or could there be a loose connection

in the jack area?


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