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2019 Gibson USA vs Gibson Memphis ES-339


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I traded some gear for (2) 2019 Gibson ES-339 guitars.  One (antique burst) has a label inside that says Gibson Memphis and the other (Satin Cherry) has a label that says Gibson USA.  When I look inside, it appears the circuitry and wiring might be different.  It could be the position of the circuits and wiring that makes it look slightly different when looking through the opening.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any expertise you might share.

ES 339s.jpg

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Congrats on a really Pair of 339’s! A Bigsby would be great on one of them! Enjoy those beauties!

I have a 2013 Gibson ES335 with 57’s & a recent Gibson Memphis Blacktop ES Les Paul with MHS Pups & Bigsby. I think it’s a 2015..

Both Pickups sound really great & the Guitars are Art!

I also have a late 90’s Gibson Les Paul Std Plus with 490R & 498T Pups. Heritage Cherry.. Beautiful Guitar & love those Pups! Weighs a Ton!

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