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Hi all. I recently bought a 96 SG Special, its had a working life but play really well. A couple of the volume knobs are cracked and need replacing, I got some copy ones from ebay designed for Gibson pots, however they were two small to fit over the pots, thinking I should just get originals, I picked up some genuine Gibson carded speed knobs from my guitar shop, went to fit them, same problem, way too tight. I also have a 06 SG Standard and both knobs fit on this fine. Do the earlier SGs have larger pot shafts? The control cavity looks all original but the is no markings on the top of the pots, my Standards are stamped CTS. THe knobs on both guitars are very similar except the 96 has very shiny and slightly more dished silver inserts on the top of the knobs, the 96 has a more brushed aluminium look.

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If the tops of the pot shafts have a slot in them you can squeeze the top of the shaft together.


Do it gently, and only a small squeeze, it's very easy to break them.


You should be able to get the knobs on if you do it right.


If not, wrap a piece of sandpaper, maybe 180 grit, around a wooden dowel and sand the inside of the knobs gently.


Either way you should be able to make them fit.

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