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Home Project (The Back yard and Pavers)

duane v

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So the better half has been hinting about the location of the BBQer being a bit to close to the kitchen window once the ribeye's are a-grillen, and she has to close the window.

So there's a small area in the back (15x4.5 feet) she gave me the okay to relocate the BBQ and she bought me a BBQ gazebo. I had to modify the gazebo tables so that they would fold to allow walking space.

The job took me two weekends and at a total of $300 for the materials. I called for estimates but the lowest quote I received was $1800 labor only. I have a new found respect for those folks that do this type of work for a living.

Next project stain the fence.











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You did a great job, we just finished resetting our small, 11x13 patio / entryway,  over the years with the snow we get, the bricks heaved and were uneven.  Took it down 6 inches this time, 4 inch packed road mix, 2 inches compacted chip base. Because of late  snow storms followed by rain, and both of us catching Covid19 in the middle of the project, It took over a month! 

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Looks perfect.  Much harder with the larger tiles. I did a large project 20 years ago with the brick pavers. They are more forgiving, being smaller and thicker.   I'd never attempt it now.  Don't know if it's cause I'm older or smarter.   Now your rib eye smoke can waft over the fence and make your neighbor jealous !.  

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Very nice work, my back yard is a little too wild with very fast growth and constantly fighting to push back the jungle.

I have a 20'X30' carport behind my house, but needed more space out of the rain, so I have this 12'X20' canopy under construction that adds some protection to the kitchen entrance, country style..


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