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Where the new Kramers are made?


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Hi Everybody,

Do you know about that:

- Where the new Kramers are made (maybe Indonesia, Korea, USA)?

- Do we have in the new collection USA made modell?

- Where can I buy Kramer guitar in the EU?

Beside this I’m searching for American Vintage Kramer guitar (maybe Baretta) to buy. In the ‘80-s the Kramer made a HH pickup type guitar originally installed with sustainer humbucker neck pickup. Its exact type I don’t know, it has installed with FR tremolo. It was 4 different colour type: red, blue, black and white. As I remember, it has made from ‘87 to ‘91. A few years ago I saw this modell for sale, but novadays…. I don’t see it anymore. Could anyone to help?

Thank you. 

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