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Whatever happened to the Les Paul Ultratone with P90s?


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Mmmhh that would make it a Studio with P90s and a 25.5" scale.


I actually thought the Art-Deco stuling was a great design down to the knobs, something different for those who want Gibson to come up with something new.


I guess Gibson will always get a "damn if you do, damn if you don't"

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I find the guitar cool. I did not at first but then I got it.


The Art-Deco thing and the Automotive inspired lines.


I guess one thing I like Is that it is different from other Les Pauls (and in my mind a justification to buy one).


I still think Gibson should have come out with a Les Paul (at least a Studio) with a 25.5" scale during their guitar of the week program. I bet it would have sold out fast.

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