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Les Paul Axcess Custom dating?

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Hey all, I just recently bought a used Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom in metallic orange.  It has the axcess cutaways but no volute (at least not the way the volute is currently done on Axcess guitars).  Floyd Rose equipped.  It also has the COA and Custom shop case.  The COA does not give the date, just SN which is CS 104874. Any help in dating this guitar would be appreciated.  I’ve tried all the SN finders online that I know of.  Thanks!

 I’m no stranger to the controlled chaos that is the Gibson serial number world.  Such a pain!

ps.  I added the pickguard myself.  Not sure I like it.





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Ok.  How about this; does anyone have any information on these Axcess guitars?  What year they started making them?  Any changes (the volute on mine is different than the way it’s being done now).  The color schemes for certain years?  I’ve looked and there isn’t much info on these anywhere.  Thanks.

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I have a Bengal Burst Access that was made for me in 2021, received it in November last year. The volute follows the headstock to just below the CS serial number. Mine is an M2M mainly because I wanted the cherry back and neck like the original Bengal Burst and not the black. I also spec'd Grover Keystone tuners. Near as I could find was they were first made in 2008. They did not have the longer volute back then. My Serial # starts in 1 and was made in 2021. Your serial # also starts in 1 and may have  been made in 2011? You're right about Gibson numbers being confusing. 




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I did find one site that indicated CS is Custom Shop, first digit is the year in the decade. "1" meaning 01 or 11 or 21, etc.  the second digit of "0" indicates it was made in Nashville. The last four digits are production sequence. No idea how to figure the decade. I have my Certificate bearing the year 2021.

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Thank you, GuitarsAnn.  That’s more info than I previously had.  I was fairly certain it was around a 2010 model, so 2011 Isn’t far off.  I didn’t think it was any earlier than that but I wasn’t sure how far back the  Axcess Custom models went.  Thanks for clearing up a hazy situation for me!

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