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Noisy Piezo


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I have just received my RIP and that made more obvious something I already did notice on piezo output:


Lots of hiss and HF noise.


When you activate the separate piezo outs for the six strings, you seem to multiply noise and hiss by... six and that makes for a very noisy acoustic guitar indeed. At least with my DF.


Have you noticed something similar??


Hopefully this is something that will be adressed by a "forthcoming" hardware revision.


Also, could it be that the TDM of some sort (possibly similar to FM transmission) used for routing 7 channels of audio over one physical connection could be responsible for the poor S>N ratio?




PS1: In fact there is so much hf noise that some of the Guitar Rig 3 presets start to generate aliasing sort of sounds...



PS2: I do have other piezo / magnetic 13pin guitars and piezo SN ratio in these is very good. Hence me looking in the transmission scheme for explaining that poor performance.

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