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Interesting Everly Brothers Model


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I happened to score some tickets to a 600 person Green Day show last night in San Francisco. Don't know if you guys know this or not, but Marshall stacks are pretty loud when you're 10 feet from them. (i mean i always figured they were but i'd never really experienced it :-k )


They played a couple of songs with Billie Joe on acoustic and he had this really sweet everly brothers custom.


The guitar was jet black, the pickguard was transparent but almost red - and it was thick! like the guard on my '70s hummingbird, it just looked awesome. It had the stars on the fret board and more interestingly a string through bridge. (i think that's what they're called, there are no pins, instead the strings come through the rear of the bridge similar to a les paul and right over the saddle. The bridge looks basically the same as other gibson acoustic bridges in shape etc.


The guitar had a custom shop logo on the rear of the headstock in the usual place. I've gotta say i've never really liked those everly bros. models but this one was freaking awesome!


What's the purpose or benefit of the string through bridge on acoustics? I know that on the gibson electrics sometimes people string them in a wrap-around fashion. (Strings enter the bridge from the front of the bridge and wrap around over the top). It's supposed to make it easier and smoother to do bends as the angle that the string hits the saddle is much less than when strung in the "normal" fashion. I'd guess the same properties exist on the acoustics but i've never seen one set up that way..


here's a pic i found from the show on flickr


Here's I am. See the guy in the lower left hand corner of the picture wearing the hat? I'm the scary silhouette behind him that you can see if you twist your head just right ;)

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I'm not well versed in Everly Bros models but it's likely the one in the pic is an original 60s model.


I believe the string-through bridge on the older Everly Bros guitars was actually designed (or at least suggested) by Don & Phil's father Ike. I know Ovation has used that style forever and Gibson did use it on most of the 70s J40s but I suspect that was a cost cutting/production move rather than anything else.

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That is a REAL Gibson Everly...not the standard J-180. If you look at the bridge,

there are no bridge pins. Ike Everly, Don and Phil's dad designed the bridge so

the strings seat into the bridge like a Les Paul and do not go through the body.

Never really caught on I guess.


The Everly's later had someone else building their version of the J-180

outside of Gibson. I think it was Steinegger. Their sponsorship deal probably ran out.

Neat picture!


Here is a cool link:



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That reissue pictured is the most original of the many reissues Gibson has done. I have seen one on ebay like this. I don't remember when it was made, but not too old. I owned a 63 Everly brothers.



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I'm searching a Gibson J-180 guitar with the moustache bridge, black pickguards with a white ply, gold tuners, 'Everly' named truss rod cover, star inlays, I think the pickguards aren't tortoise but back.

I want to have one made in 1990 to 1997 approximately.

Can you find me one ? Can you tell me where I can find one ?

Thanks alot

Two Photos of this model in these links below:





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