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Epiphone guitars with maple necks (not fretboards)

El Chiguete

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Sheratons, Broadways, Wildkats (not Uptown Kat), and Joe Pass Emperors are current(ish models) with maple necks (though you can find some older Sheratons with mahogany necks).

Other fairly recent models would include the Zephyr Blues Deluxe, Emperor Regent, the Masterbilt Zenith and Deluxe, and Elitist Sheraton, Broadway and  Byrdland. The Swingster also had a maple neck upon release, but was changed to mahogany around 2020.

Some Dots had maple necks for a time, too.   Maybe Late 90's, early 2000's.

And while maple necks are often paired most frequently with archtops, there were some solid-bodies with them, too.  The first iteration of the Les Paul Ultra had a maple neck (mid 2000s, maybe.) I believe the Ultra II and III have mahogany necks, though. There was a limited edition flame top Les Paul with a maple neck in the early 2000's. I've seen old Crestwoods (like from the 70's) with maple necks, too. 

That's what I can think of off the top of my head. There's certainly a lot more as you back to the 70's: the off-shore Epiphones varied very much in spec from the original Kalamazoo-made guitars. And from time to time, it's certain neck material was swapped from mahogany to maple and vice versa in many models depending on what wood was available at that moment, so there are bound to be variations.

There are many acoustic guitars with maple necks, too.

Red 333

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