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1942 banner J45 or 50s original J45


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Hello everyone,

Looking to buy my first expensive Gibson, my initial choice was the original 50s J45 (tried in Nashville 3 months ago) ...until I had the chance to try the J45 1942 banner last week (in Switzerland)

(Playing blues, pop, rock)

The budget is not the same but I have hard time to find a shop to do a last comparison between those 2 (tones and neck shape).

As far as I remember, the 1942 has a V neck not too glossy so ok to play and the tones is warm and well balanced. The 50s original neck was more C shape and more glossy - or with a differente gloss? -  (so not easier to play) and the tones were a bit more bright. 

Would anyone has been in my situation, and what did you finally buy? (it may help me....so hard to find a store with these guitars in stock...near Lex, KY)



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