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Forearm Haze?


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My '03 J45RW (ebony board/bridge) has a haze where my right forearm lays.


The Gibson Restorative Finish Cream made most of it look great last week. I got it with the Gibson Fretboard Conditioner' date=' pack thingy with the Metal Cleaner.


But the haze around the forearm area didn't go away. I didn't want to rub too hard.


Is the nitro going away, or should I rub harder, or use a cleaner?


My left thumb area is through the finish, but never had that haze.


Thanks in advance.






or you can do what i do..keep your forearm over it as much as possible...no one will notice.


but im not one to baby my instruments. how else will it look awesomely vintage in 50 years?

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