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ES335 value

Mats Raknerud

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Hi. I hope this is OK to post here. 

i want to sell my es335 (esdp335). But I can’t remember what I gave for it. And I’m struggling a bit finding out what would be a fair asking price. 

It was made in the nashville plant 2011. 
The case says Custom Shop. 

Anyone here knows the value of this? Just in the ballpark. 

Have a great day. :)


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So you need to confirm whether the 335 is a custom shop?

The case is not in itself proof. There should be some other ID on the guitar hopefully. Does the label say Nashville on it? If not, how do you know its a Nashville build?

In 2011 Memphis were producing 335s. 

I suggest calling Gibson about this. Use the contact number at the bottom of these pages (link).

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4 hours ago, Mats Raknerud said:

I did search the serial number. And it is built in nashville

edit: checked a different search engine that in fact said «built in memphis or nashville»

Yes this happens a lot because Gibson revise how they serialise numbers every so often. You usually need a pretty good idea about your guitar in the first place before checking serial numbers online. That's why its better to call Gibson as per previous post.

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Hello Mats,

If it is a Custom Shop from 2011 it would have a Custom Shop decal on the bottom of the back of the headstock and a Custom Shop serial number, usually starting with CS. The orange label inside the f-hole should say where it was made and the specific model number. If you can give the serial number from the beginning with the real numbers it would help identify what year it is. You can just give XXX for the last three numbers as these only indicate the day of the year it was made and are not so important. 

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