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Lifeson ES-355


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I played an Alex Lifeson ES-355 tonight at L&M in Burlington.

I was... I was......underwhelmed.

Maybe its because im used to a true solidbody, dunno.

I found the sound a little too trebley and was missing that uuumph that my Lester provides.


Im sure its a great guitar for those who like a semi acoustic, but they arent my cuppa.

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Just got a Alex Lifeson 355 (AL95) and I have to say that despite what I have read on these forums I think this is a fantastic guitar!!


I was a huge Rush fan when I was a kid and to have one of these, bearing in mind there will only be 300 is quite something...............and it sounds fantastic....with so many different tone variations it's hard to believe anyone can not get the sound they want out of it. I use a Fender Blues Deluxe (Custom Shop Moto) and various Boss pedals and this thing rocks!


PS Volute is not an issue, trem arm is not an issue (although tip is cracked - probably as it sticks out when swung back and may have been cracked by the case lid?)


Brilliant guitar

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Blue, maybe it was that particular guitar? Although, comparing it to your LP could be why you didn't like it. It's not a Les Paul; so, why compare it to one? You wouldn't compare your Strat or acoustic to a Lester, would you? In that respect, I doubt any Strat has uuumph.


bearing in mind there will only be 300 is quite something...............

No it isn't. Sorry, to say. No matter how you cut it, it's an ES-335 and there are thousands upon thousands of ES-335s out there. Just because it's considered "rare", doesn't mean it's good. Don't get me wrong, I have a 335 (not an AL) and I love it. Great guitar. The more I play it, the better it sounds.

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I've heard mixed reviews myself. The biggest complaint has been about the volute issue. I'm a huge Lifeson fan and he is the sole reason why I'm even playing guitar. I was thinking about buying a 335 or 355 but it was just too bulky for me (I'm 5'8"). That's one reason why I got the 339 instead.


Anyhow, welcome to the forum darrenbond! I'm glad you love your guitar. That's the most important thing...

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Thanks for the welcome guys!


ARE NINE: I think what makes this guitar special is that:-


1. It's a Gibson Custom Shop Alex Lifeson model

2. Only 300 of this model will be made

3. It sounds exactly like a RUSH recording (early stuff)


DEEPBLUE: The sound can be a little thin when using the Varitone in certain position but flick the active switch up and it gets a great bluesy tone - very woody - lovely!


All guitars have different characteristics and 'comfort' depending on thickness of neck / body so it's all very subjective - I have several strat's and they are all different - tried 5 Les Paul Custom's in a shop last week and 4 of them I thought were awful (even a Steve Jones Custom Shop!).


I suppose what makes a guitar 'special' is the one that fits your hand and sounds right to your ears, it doesn't have to be expensive, deluxe, custom shop or vintage and as my old man used to say.....'it's horses for courses'


Now I'm off to do a deal on a Les Paul 'ULTIMA' - Quilt, Flame inlay, stop-tail (now that is a special guitar! [cool] )


If I can work out how to do it I'll post some pics!

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