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String Guages - Epi LP Special TV Yellow


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Hi All,

I'm not a Gibby or Epi player at all and never really bonded much with LPs, Explorers, Vs, SGs, and so on (sorry).

I'm a Strat player (sorry again) but I've always fancied the idea of the Joan Jett or Billy Jo Armstrong simple slab guitar with a P90 or 2. So the LP Special is kind of appealing to me to get into P-90s as well as have that style of guitar - which I think I'll be happier with than the thicker-bodied offerings - maybe a little closer to my strats in that regard (I've played some of the less expensive ones at a GC)

I play on 11s. Strats have a longer scale length too.

I would suspect that these LP Specials come with 9s on them, yes?

I know because of the scale length, even with 11s the tension is going to be less - but that's OK. But I fear I'm not going to be able to drop to 9s or even 10s comfortably on a guitar that also would have less tension anyway!

So I'm hoping I could buy one, drop 11s on it, adjust the intonation, and be able to play it without having to take it to my tech and have it set up - or more importantly, have to widen nut slots or anything of that nature.

So can it accept 11s from the factory, and will I be able to intonate it pretty easily?


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According to epihone they they ship with 10's. No one can can truly ever say if it would need a set up to meet your needs, no two are the same so someone else's experience may not match yours. 

I doubt very much though that you would notice a difference between 11's and 10's from a strat and a lp, you will already have other differences that are more noticeable. Don't forget you are talking about a 0.001 and 0.005 of an inch difference between a set of 10's and 11's.

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