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Soon DF owner, good deal?


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Finally I joined this forum, after a lot of reading on topics by others.

Short story:

I've been owning a first run limited edition Robot(the one with blue and grey finish).

After just a while I noticed some problems with restringing the guitar(the robotic tuners broke the strings right off while winding the strings) and problems with tuning the B string, and a bad charger(worked, but had to keep the cable in a certain position)

After a couple times in the shop for fix, they made the decission to ship it to the firm that bring Gibson in to the country.=D>

Shortcut......after 2month a still had no guitar. =D> The shop I bought it in where frustrated to, and we started to lay pressure on returning the Robot. After several lies about shipping, 2weeks later the guitar showed up....without the charger and flat battery](*,) ....belive it or not....1month and several lies later, the charger showed up...still not fixed.

Finally I got the the Robot charged and ready to rock 'n roll....but.....it's still the same???..no it's worse....all I got is the technicians fingermarks.=D> =D> =D>

=D> After another angry conversation with importfirm, the shop manage to cut me a deal: One demo used Darkfire they had in exchange for the Robot('cause I made it clear that the Robot was no longer in my interesse)......after another call, they had found out that the Demo DF was on the road demoing, but instead I could get a BRAND NEW DF =D>

Now they are shipping it in from Sweden(main storage in Scandinavia) as we speak, don't know how they manage that,with all this delivery problem, but they promised me delivery right over the hollidays.

Good deal??=D>

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It depends if it is from the start of the 1st run or not.


Read here:




Do you mean that the 1st part of the Robots in the 1st limited run is worth more then a 1st limited run of the DF?

I'm not shure what number the robot was at:-k

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:) :) +:-@

.....and I hoped it was true....but NO!!!

Today the message came, my DF had arrived at the shop. When they opened the package they found a ordinary Gibson Studio Robot :-#

When the shop talked to the import firm, they said as many of you guys in this forum previously stated, that the DF is not for sale at the moment, and if I wanted that guitar I have to pay extra....what...how can they go back on what they said??.....ok....the shop is on my side here, so I agreed to place an order on the DF when ready to ship, then we can discuss how much I agree to pay between.

I realy don't like this back and forward thing.....and I who was looking forward to get the DF over the hollidays....

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