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Sheraton serial nr. info... need help


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I'm about to buy a Sheraton guitar, korean made, with serial 0006xxxx.

The guitar has the "gibson" headstock and in the label inside the body there is also stamped the name "gibson" (stamped as the model and serial number).

I searched on some websites but one says year 1990, the other year 2000... can you help me understand better?

Thank you!

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It could be a 2000 made in June. That would be the 0006. I would expect a factory designation letter before the numbers though. Either an S or U

There looks to have been a sticker or something after the serial number? It looks to say 1994?

I've not seen one with a Gibson stamp over the serial like that.

If it was from 90, it should have fret nibs, i doubt its from 90 though.

Is there a screen print serial on the headstock? 

Some of the 90' to early 00's were a weird period with serial numbers sue to changes in factory and country etc.

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