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So...who else has the body art? I've seen a few avatars that show some cool tats. :-({|= I know I'm not the only "freak" here who loves decorating my skin!


What's your favorite? Personally, I love my lower back tat of a phoenix and a pink lotus honoring my Vietnamese kids.

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I think they look great depending on what they are and where they're placed but not for me.


The only problem I have with them are the ones you see over and over again like the creeping panther on an arm, a spider web on an elbow or the ubiquitous little rose or butterfly on an ankle. I mean, if someone is going to get a tattoo that is going to be on them for probably their entire life, you'd think they'd want to get something original or at least not something that a million other people have.

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You can do whatever you want as far as decorating your body. I'll never walk up to someone and give my opinion of what it looks like because it's none of my business. But my daughter got a tiny tattoo when she was underage and oh, yes, you better believe the woman that did it went to jail.... there was no question about whether I wanted to press charges or not.


So do whatever you want to deface yourself forever but don't expect everybody to be impressed by it.

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I'm no tattoo person at all.


I'm currently battling with my 18 year old son who hasn't quite got a hold of the concept that tattoos are not like other fashion items... removeable (At least not with scarring)


I understand and respect those who have them for cultural, spiritual and or deeply personal reasons but let's face it, most people these days are getting them for none of those reasons.




The number one rule of tattoos (from my many friends who do have them for whatever reasons:


Spend the money and do it properly. If you can't afford it then don't do it.


From the evidence on Gibson's own thread on tattoo's here is how not to do it:


This is just extraordinarily bad in every way





Nice sentiment but I believe guitars have strings and their pickups tend to align





Mmmm, hero worship is one thing but this is rather sad




Now, here's how to do it from the KISS online site. even if you're not a KISS fan, I'm sure most would say this is real art,




Oh, and the real catch even with modern tattooing techniques, the inks will bleed and fade over time so even the extraordinary work and fine detail such as in the Gene Simmons tattoo is going to look ordinary.


Over and out

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No tats for me either. If I have several hours of free time and a couple hundred extra dollars, there are plenty of other ways I would prefer to spend that time and money.


I have no problem with them on other people, it's just not for me.

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I have six or three if you count them as one when several touch. there on both upper arms, both shoulders and across my back , Id probably have a few more including at least a 3/4 sleeve on my left arm, but my day job is slightly stiff in dress code etc. so the tatoos's all fall where they can be covered by a standard shirt. Ive had then done in Hawaii, Thailand, Japan, Africa, Australia and the US. Most of mine are ocean/surfing related but the left shoulder which is desert stuff including a large scorpion. I have no regrets and will likely add more as travel takes me other places and work goes away in a year or two.


I decided long ago after scars and major accidents started leaving a clear history on my body that I wasn't going to live a easy life or leave a pretty corpse so my body is kind of the book of my life so hell yeah I had it illustrated.

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I've got 10 tattoos so far...I'd like to have a sleeve at some point on both arms....My 2 favorite tatts are my Nightmare Before Christmas tatt and the one I've got with The Joker and Harley Quinn.





Oh...and the ones on my fingers hurt...worst part is I gotta get them touched up again...haha

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