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Does this look like maple to you?


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So I was watching a Trogly video where he shows a LP Custom that has been stiped down..  The thing is that they are meant to have maple tops right?  Does that look like maple to you?  It looks more like quarter sawn Spruce or even Cherry to me??


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4 minutes ago, badbluesplayer said:

Could be ash.  Could be maple.  Probably maple, guessing from the supposed history of the thing.

I dont think its either.. When he shows a close up of the body, the wood grain looks too open for maple and not open enough for ash...

It is hard to tell from the video though so I may be wrong.

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It is really hard to tell to be honest..  I worked with wood on a daily basis for almost two years and of course I have been making guitars on and off since about 2012.. So while I am not actually an expert, I do have a lot of experience..  With wood you have a spectrum of what its meant to look like. And I have seen it on every end..  Sometimes you get wood that doesnt look typically like it is meant too in terms of colour and grain pattern..  HOWEVER, what I know about Maple is that its a very close grained wood. Does not need grain filler. So in the video he does a close up of the top corner of the body..  What I see there is probably left over from the paint that was on the guitar and has filled the grain and that is what has been left over after sanding.

To me that just looks too grainy for maple.. 



There is also the colour...   There seems to be too much red in there for maple...


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18 minutes ago, jdgm said:

I think the red must be what's left after they stripped the original finish...:-k

One of these perhaps?


Dont think so..  When you look at a close up of the example of wood it shows you. You will see what I mean about how close grained it is, especially rock maple. As said it is hard to tell..  There are some woods so similar the only way to tell the difference is to look at the end grain with a microscope. I just wondered what others thought.


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3 hours ago, NighthawkChris said:

Haha! a $4500 LP Custom modded and they even got the tuners installed crooked.  Sanded off the S/N...  Listed in EXCELLENT condition.  What a deal! 

$4,500 for a massacred guitar with the serial number sanded off. 

Sure, sign me up. 


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I agree with Trogly though. I’m going further and saying taking off the finish is a half off MINIMUM, automatic. That $5k plus guitar is probably worth about $2k at best - I’d go even less that they decided to sand off the S/N.

Not that I’d want to front that price tag. I don’t buy guitars that have obviously been screwed with like that. Won’t even pose the question here haha! You know, like those guys that ask if a headstock repaired Gibson that’s listed is a good price. A lot of fish in the sea to be bothered with the likes of Tom foolery. But that’s just me, others’ MMV. 

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1 minute ago, RBSinTo said:

In reply to Rabs original question:

And this matters why?


Because generally LPs are advertised  and sold as having a maple top..   And more to the point, the wood didnt look right to me and I wondered what other people thought...

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I looked at a all Gold Bullion Custom last week.    No wood showing any where. They must of loaded the body up with buck shot. It was very heavy.    

so maybe gibson is offering a Stripped finish /stolen version  .  The studio version of a Custom with no gold , no finish. 


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I’m quite sure my original post was correct if I may toot my own horn. What a smart guy I am!


Only certain reissue LP customs have mahogany tops. The non reissue LP customs have a number of appointments which are not historically correct like short neck tenon, weight relief, maple top, etc

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