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Process for getting new guitar repaired

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Hello, anyone have an idea how one gets a service order to have Gibson repair a new, but damaged,  guitar? I bought a new hummingbird last month. The music shop told me it came to them with a small 1 1/2" scratch on the face of the body. I thought I could get it repaired easily by Gibson (wrong). First three phone calls, I was told Gibson is not responsible for damage. I explain I just wanted it repaired and I will do what ever it takes. Somewhere in the next ten Emails, I was given a case number, but no one has given me approval to ship it to their repair shop. This isn't a "who's at fault" case. I'm over 75 years old. I just want my new guitar fixed before I kill over. I have agreed to pay for everything in every phone call and every Email.   I talk to one person and next I hear I was referred to someone else. I made my own shipping box to go over the thin box it originally came in. How do I get confirmation to send this guitar in for repair? Any help would be deeply appreciated.   


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there are no gibson customer service folks that visit the forum so calling customer service is the only real way for you to get this moving forward, just use the case number and keep trying.  They are sometimes very hard to get someone to give you the attention you need.  it is what it is.

you may be better off finding an authorized Gibson repair center close to you.  There are usually private repair business that gibson will contract with.

The store you purchased from may even have some people they can refer.

since it sounds like you're just looking for a finish repair so who ever you seek out you'll want someone who specializes in nitro repairs.  depending on the scratch  it may be a tricky repair if this is a burst finish.  matching up the colors to make it disappear ...

depending on how deep the scratch is, it's possible that some of the "scratch remover" products can help to minimize the appearance.

good luck!


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If you haven't, I would call the Gibson Repair Shop in Nashville or email them.

Personally, I would have a local luthier touch it up. It does not sound like much of a repair.

Repost in the Acoustic forum and see if anyone can recommend someone local to you.

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See if you can talk to a gibson dealer and see if they can get the ball rolling for you. 

maybe work with the dealer.    Im not sure where your at.   But up here , if the item was bought through a gibson dealer. They have to go through channels to get it moving along.    

us customers really dont have anyone to talk to at Gibson  ,  Gibson is in the market for mass production and selling there wares  . 



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