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Identifying My Custom Dove


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I have Custom Dove that is a second (no full serial number - just an embossed "2"). After working with a luthier, it appears what made it a second was it winding up with a Hummingbird pickguard. Can someone please help me to identify what year(s) this is (through the process of elminiation)?  If not for a year certain, at least a targeted range of years based on its features & attributes so that I can at least narrow it down? I've seen it mentioned that it could a '69 model created in the early 70's sometime before Norlin, but who am I to say at this point?  





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even in the changeover '69s they didnt have that bridge type- def 70s, def norlin. replaced pickguard. prob dont have to but you could get a mirror in there and see if it's double braced. elvis had one but i dont think yours is much of a collectible in its state. fix that crack and you might have a player.


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