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Di Marzio pick ups where do i put them ?

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 hello  there American brothers  is it ok to  put   on  a squier   telecaster with chinese cheap  humbuckers  a di marzio  Dual sound 101  on the bridge   and  the Air norton on the neck ?

will i have a more robust kind of gibson sound  with  the 0.10 strings on it ?


thanks to everybody    and    VIVA L 'AMERICA ! ...........always 


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Hi Marco

Sounds like a good combination.  I believe the dual sound is so called because it can be wired to split the coils, so the pickup can be used humbucking or single coil.

Also it might be a good idea to get a repairman to look at the neck / frets, make sure they are all seated properly and file off any sharp edges.

Good luck!

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Job done  mates  a little cheap  indonesian squier telecaster   with a couple of Dimarzio's   which screams like a lion 

i put on the bridge the Dual Sound DP101  just because  it was the pick up of one of the greatest guitarist  America produced back in the days 

his name ?  JEFF CARLISI of 38 Special , one  of the greatest  rock roll band  which had two guitarist able  to speak to one another with those screaming  guitars without mistakes  !

CARLISI  and BARNES   great couple   who are still with  us thanks  God !   SKYNYRD UNIVERSITY 


Forza America ! ........always  with you ! 



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