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This reinforces what an incredibly complex piece of music this is, and the timing and discipline it would take to re-produce it in a live setting.

As a musician, of the correct age and having lived in that era, I found it nearly breathtaking.


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My kids got us front row Center tickets to see them a couple years ago at Agua Caliente in Rancho Mirage, Ca… Great Venue.. They are an amazingly talented Beatle Trib Band! Great Performers too. Right down to their accents & mannerisms.. Everything is spot on!

If I recall the Medley were bits of Songs edited together at Abbey Road.. 

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2 hours ago, fortyearspickn said:

Agree.  Sort of like that old wives cliche -  I you sat 100 monkeys down with 100 typewriters or 100 years - they couldn't reproduce on Shakespearean Sonnet.  The Beatles!  were more than a phenomena.  

Also, you'd have to keep the monkeys focused for 100 straight years. 

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Very good indeed.  The only Beatles tribute band I ever saw chose "A Day In The Life" as their complex challenge piece.  And were outstanding too.

While musically this group managed to match the execution of the medley's  score, most tribute bands I know of( and to me) if the look isn't possible for any reason at least the sound is clone-like.  I didn't hear any similarity  with these guys.  Just extraordinary skill and talent.  Which really ain't a gripe.  [wink]


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OK, I havent been a member long here. Seen a few vids. Mostly, scan through em, maybe not watch the entire clip. Generally shy away from Beatles covers.

 But I gots to say, I stared at that for the entire 18 mims w/o blinking. Enjoyed every second. My eyes are burning.

Thx for sharing.



That bassist reminds me sorta the one for vanila fudge. Was thinkin, if he could, he'd go nuts. Guessing he was holding back a tad bit. 

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