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True Vintage Guitar - John Shults

Dave F

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John (tvguit) used to be a frequent participating member on this forum a few years back when he was just starting his business

This is a recent podcast from the Fretboard Journal

Sounds like he's doing okay

This is a long podcast 1:25:50

Podcast 390: John Shults of True Vintage Guitar - Fretboard Journal

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I am sorry but I do not recall or know anything about John Shultz.  Then again, I have reached that point in life where buying guitars which cost any kind of real money just seems plain silly.   So, I have not felt a need to do any kind of looking around for information or seeking out of advice.  No longer getting emotional about guitars is actually kind of liberating.  

But when it came to acquiring guitars, most of those I own just fell into my lap locally with no real effort being expended.   I was, as example, the first person sellers thought of when I received the phone calls which resulted in me landing the 1942 J50 and 1932 L1. To steal a line from Joe Wash "life's been good to me, so far."

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