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Surreal Music - The Saint, Tarzan and Alice’s Cat

Marcus Nalgaber

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Surreal Music - The Saint, Tarzan and Alice’s Cat



I was a child
I wanted
to be a Saint
to feel
the ecstasy of dying

I wanted to be
a missionary
to go 
there and there 
and everywhere

I wanted to be a visionary
able to see without eyes 

I wanted to be Tarzan
to call out to elephants

I wanted to be to be
Alice's cat to have his smile
a magic hat 
to fly from a bald head
to the next one

A cow cow cow 
who watches 
the passing trains 
 from the meadow

a lion
the lies of life with his roarrrrr

Now now now
I am only
2 feathers
one that writes
another that flies

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