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I don't see a whole lot of activity on here reply so I don't expect much but however I just recently purchased a Kramer vintage Pacer with the newer ones. I'm just wondering if anybody else has had some of the problems I've had with it from the very first day the playability was terrible I had to do a truss rod adjustment on it just to be able to play it it took me three days worth of adjustments to get it to where it's playable. The JB pickup doesn't clean up well at all neither does the neck for that matter first thing I had to do was remove the trouble bleed because all it did was add treble when I turn the volume down and it was almost ear piercing and terrible removing it helped to pick up clean up a little bit but not much. The wiring is atrocious the thing buzzes at homes if I touch the back cavity plate cover it would hit against the wires and make them cracking and popping noises the push-pull pot for the neck pickup cracked and popped when I took the plate apart and if you looked at a wire wrong it would start making stupid noises. I'm going to fix the wiring noises in myself and hopefully the setup will last because it was on playable with someone's buzz but I'm just wondering has anybody else had any of these problems with a brand new guitar.

There's a lot of things I like about the guitar feels solid  the  neck feels comfortable, however I'm coming from Jackson's they have a wider neck and flatter frets and this Kramer is taking a lot of me getting used to and having to readjust my technique. It's requiring a lot later touch than I'm used to having to worry about and I'll do my Jacksons were a lot cheaper in the $300 range the next felt better to me at the time but the hardware on them and it pickups was just horrible the license fluid never stayed in tune the pickups were just so hot that they were just horrible and some sterile sounding new options to split them or put coil taps or anything which is one of the things I like about this Kramer it's got decent pickups in it although I do not like the neck pickup whatsoever I'm not sure exactly what it is I think it's a jazz but I had that in a couple of my Jacksons and I hated it I think the only reason I really like this JB pickup is it too much better sounding than the crappy Jackson pickups I've had Jackson's that were 1500 up to 2700 I wish I'd never gotten rid of but I was forced to so now I've been playing for the last 5 years a$300 Jackson import. And honestly it like the Kramer wasn't very good for me playing certain kinds of clean types of cords those guitars are great for shredding but it's not fitting a certain styles I had a schecter omen and that guitar was easy to play anything on and sounded great once I put it dimarzano in it. I thought with this Kramer Pacer that for the price, I've been getting a tour that I wouldn't have to do anything to for a long while but that isn't the case I've got tons of work to do in the wiring and resoldering some of the wires just fell off it's no wonder it was making buzzing and cracking noises it most likely has a big ground somewhere the wire and it is very cheap. But they don't seem to do much for me the way they're wired in parallel they just seem to cut the volume a little bit I'm going to rewire the neck pickup to be a coil tap switch which will function much better for me. This guitar being all Maple was super super bright so for the neck pickup I'm going to try and put a 250k pot in there since I'm going to use it as a coil tap and mostly use the clean pick up or excuse me the next pick up for cleaning stuff only. It's a bit too bright the way it is now I don't know if it's the 500k pot or the all Maple construction of the body and neck which I've never had before but hopefully the 250k pot tames down the highs a little bit.

Like I said this guitar is definitely both for shredding and not for playing certain types of cleaning stuff with jazz type cords but I didn't buy it for that so I can't complain.

One thing I will complain about is I was told that the 1,000 series floyd  was equal to an original Floyd only made somewhere else other than Germany well some of the paints worn off the collar the trouble of the arm won't stay on and the push the pain has worn off from adjusting the action and trying to set it up and it looks like the zinc material that a Floyd special is made out of it's not steel by any means. I tried putting one of the new fluid push in style arms on there that has the bushing and keeps the arms stiff no matter what the tension is I have them on all my other guitars and while I did fit in the floyd 1000, the nut on the bottom of the coupling would not clear the routing on the body so the trouble would not turn the zero that little nut rubbed up against the body in the route so the body would have to be routed out just for that nut for that stupid arm. Hopefully after I get the electronics off soldered correctly tomorrow I'll be a lot less ticked off with this guitar again I love to playability of some of the stuff for shredding it's horrible for other stuff clean is not its thing and the neck pickup is just horrible so hopefully everything start rewiring everything with better wire.


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I'm assuming this was purchased new, based on you stating,

"I'm just wondering has anybody else had any of these problems with a brand new guitar".

Not sure where it was purchased from, but the problems you mentioned seem extreme, and would be unacceptable for a new instrument, at any price range.

If you were unfortunately sent a defective product, (I'm assuming you were sent the guitar and you didn't  play it first and then still bought it with all those issues) that may affect the other problems you mentioned.

So, just wondering why it wasn't returned.


Is this the Kramer model in question?





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