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Steinberger synapse strings


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Everywhere I look, I cannot find strings for the synapse. Not in any gauge. If there are any Synapse owners that can recommend a suitable brand like Ball or D'addario, GHS, I will be so grateful.

What is shocking and disappointing is that I would have thought that Steinberger or Gibson would not forget about their customers and discontinue the strings. 

Perhaps the scarcity of these strings is due to the supply chain issue. 

My worst fears when buying this guitar are becoming true: That no guitar strings would be available. 

Maybe I need to find one of those conversion kits to use single ball baritone strings on this guitar? 

Any advice is super appreciated from any kind soul. 


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You don't need a conversion kit to use single ball strings on a Synapse. You already have a combined headpiece, which works with double and single ball end strings. Just loosen the 6 screws on the headpiece and clamp the regular strings with them:


If you prefer using double ball end strings, you could get them from Pyramid Strings in Germany. Just send an e-mail to Pyramid@Junger.de. Tell them which strings you need, they make them on order.


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