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Hi all,

This is a bit of a dumb question because I’ve actually already purchased the guitar... I just picked up a new 2022 ES 335. I absolutely love it.

I was looking at some reviews online, trying to learn more about the spec, and where it is or isn’t different than some of the earlier ones. I understand there was a transition from Memphis to Nashville, and that my guitar would’ve been made in Nashville. But it also looks as if previously there was a model called the 60s model…

I’m just trying to figure out what the specs are on these new ones and how they are similar or different than some of the earlier ones.

Mine is the figured version with the blocks.

Thanks so much! 



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Congrats on your new 335! It doesn’t get any better! I have one of the last Memphis 335’s & it too is a great Guitar.

The thing with Gibson is they are constantly making changes to all their Guitars.. It would be a task to find any of their Guitars, including 335’s, that are identical 2 years in a row.. It may be a small change but Gibson tries to improve their Guitars all the time.. They reserve the Right to do so in Print in the Case Candy…

Enjoy your new Beauty!

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Beautiful 335 - congratulations.  If you just go to the top of this page and click on "Electric Guitars, and then on "ES-Style Models" you will see all the different ones they currently offer.  Within the description of each different model they detail the body construction, hardware, electronics etc. so most of the info you are looking for is right on this website.

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My old 1959 ES-345 Stereo had Parrellogram Inlays which I  like the most on ES Guitars.. What a beautiful Guitar that was….

One of 2 Guitars, I’ve sold, that I miss…

Although, I’m quite happy with my Memphis ES-335…..

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