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Help me identify this SG 1967 or 1963

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It should be easy to check one of the pot codes by removing the back plate. Example 1376742.    137=CTS (manufacturer), 67 Year manufactured,42=Week of year manufactured. I think you will find it to be between 1967 & 1969. I have a similar case for my 1969 LP Deluxe.

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Hi Smitty,

I'm leaning toward '67 also. I have a '69 335 that cold have been either '66 or '69 based on the serial#. I tried reading the pot code by sticking a dental mirror through the f hole but the one I could get to was too oxidized to see the numbers. So I pulled a pot (not easy to do on a 335) and it was dated late '68 which made it a '69.  I used to have a '66 es-335-12 and the headstock Gibson is exactly the same as yours with a dotted "i". My '69 has a nearly identical font but no dot on the "i". If you do as Grog suggests you'll solve the mystery. Good luck.

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