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Angela - A Song Written By Murph


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I've recorded three songs written by members of this forum.  

Back in early 2012, I recorded "Helldorado" by Buck McMaster.

Last Year, (early this year), I recorded "Christmas Magic" by Tman.

I recently recorded "Angela" by Murph....a wonderful song he wrote about his wife.

There is amazing talent in this group!


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22 minutes ago, Murph said:

Very cool, Bob.

I'm honored.

I've been covered before, but never by that many voices!

When I showed it to my wife, she said "That's a beautiful guitar".

Which makes me wonder.......


Murph, I get that a lot.... people hear me sing, and comment on the guitar.....if I thought I was a singer, I'd be crushed!

Don't know if you (or anyone) wants the chart.....(you know I can't play ANYTHING without a chart):


      Ben Drummond


Intro:        Dm – G – C – F – C


  C                                Dm         G                               C - Am

When I look in your eyes – Fall in love with you again

                                                  Dm       G                                     C – C7

When we share our quiet time – Realize you’re my best friend

                                      F           G                                 Am         Am/F#

If we lay and talk for hours – If we put words on a shelf


Never know how much I love you

G                                                       C – F – C – C7

 ‘Cause I’m not sure I know myself


Chorus:     F     C – C7  F                                   C – C7

Angela       Where ya been all my life?

  F      C       Dm                                    G

Angela – never thought about love twice

  F                                       C                  

The feelin’ of power I just can’t control

   Am                                Am/F#

Wish I could tell you, you’ll never know

   F                               G                                C – F – C

Just how sincere – My love for you is now

Dm – G – C – F – C


                                                    Dm     G                                           C - Am

Aren’t ya glad we took the time – Get to know each other’s dreams

                                                Dm        G                                           C – C7

When I just can’t state my mind – You always know just what I mean


If we’re walking through the woods 

G                                   Am – Am/F#

If we’re riding in the car


Time with you is so precious to me 

G                                            C – F – C – C7

I just like bein’ where you are


Chorus/Outro:   Ends with: Dm – G – C – F – CMaj7




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1 hour ago, QuestionMark said:

We are all on a roll with these music posts.    Murph, great original song, I just quoted my wife one of its lines and she swooned !   Dan, I like your soulful voice and rendition  and picking!

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff



Thanks, QM….Murph had a couple of “zingers” in this great song!   I’m happy he let me record it!

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