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L5 Wesmo neck problem


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I am currently in discussion to buy a 2016 L5
Wes Montgomery that I tried a few days ago .
The guitar is mint, sounds like it should and the neck profile , D shaped, slim and rather flat suits me just fine.

BUT, because obviously there is a "but", there is a "detail" that bothers me and for which I ask your enlightened opinion!

You can feel a kind of "line" under the thumb when it passes at the rear of the neck, as if something was "sticking out".
It's slight but nothing is more sensitive than a hand (and even more so a guitarist's left hand!)...
It doesn't interfere with the playing and you can only feel it when the thumb moves perpendicular to the neck and during my test, I felt it mostly when manipulate the guitar, not during playing it.

At first I thought it was a varnish defect (even if it would be a scandal, the Crimson division is not infallible after all !) but absolutely nothing is visible even if I inspect it meticulously.

Moreover, this "sensitive line" happens to be exactly at one of the walnut/maple joints of the neck and my personal hypothesis was a different reaction of the two woods to the variations of ambient humidity as it can happen sometimes with Fender at the level of the reinforcement at the back of the neck.

The seller (a trustworthy professional who sells some guitars from the collection of one of his excellent customers - no doubt about the guy's honesty-) also noticed this and asked today for the opinion of a luthier competent in this matter.

His diagnosis is the same as mine (I had kept my hypothesis to myself, his opinion was not influenced) and according to him these things happen and are not worrying for the guitar .

According to him, an intervention is superfluous, given the perfect condition of the guitar and the fact that the neck does not present any structural problem.
The wood remains an evolving material...

Hence my question:
have you ever experienced a similar situation on one of your guitars?

If so, what were the consequences?

Do you think I should pass up this sale?

I would not to let myself be dazzled by the fact of finally acquiring this dream guitar and taking the wrong one...
Of course, you haven't had the guitar in your hands, but maybe you've already encountered this phenomenon on a guitar!

Thank you in advance for your answers !

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A test under blacklight might not reveal a defect either, but it's perhaps worth a try, as these guitars do not come cheap. To me it seems that the nitrocellulose lacquer has sunk in and been curing differently between the multiple layers of the neck, leaving a hardly noticable ridge or "line" so to speak. That would not be too uncommon for any kind of wood joints finished in nitrocellulose lacquer. For Gibson guitars this mostly concerns backs, multi-layered necks and headstock inlays.

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