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can anyone help identify this kramer plz?!?


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ive had this for awhile, I personally added the zx2 neck, but what model is this body? my exwife did the collage, but what model? and the single b followed by 5 digit seriel, however its black AND says neptune....I haven't been able to find any other examples of plates like this, also, indecisive info about the b 5 digit seriels... can anyone help me narrow my search and find out what model this is thanks in advance/ joey



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lol, yea, I thought a/b that with this pic, which I apparently took while I was attaching the zx20 neck lol, which incidentally in just about 1/8th of an inch too long for this [???] body ÷/... im really curious though, if anybody can help me narrow it down what-so-ever, I sincerely and genuinely would very much appreciate it, also/thanks! I do like the way the cosmetic aspect of it turned out ÷]

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Just wondering...

Is the headstock an early, early classic Fender style, a lawsuit avoiding "Chicken Beak", (These are  a classic Fender styles modified to avoid copyright infringement)

a "Hockey Stick" style, or the later "Pointy style?

Info here:


"Bxxxx - early '81-early' 83
Range - B0001-9999.

Range - Bxxxxx
There are versions of a B plate that are cast metal, that showed up in the later years for Kramer. These were thought to have been used on Focus "Classic" models and various overseas type models. These plates showing up on American Series guitars is somewhat of of a mystery, as we don't know if those were used for American Series guitars assembled in Japan, or if it was for another purpose. Many Kline Graphic Barettas have been seen with the B plates. We are still researching the mystery of the B cast plates. We had previously stated that these were not American Series, but new events have uncovered that this may not to be completely true. The B Cast Plate guitars appear in what would normally be the "F" timeframe for Kramer."



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Wow THANK YOU SO MUCH! it was an intresring scenerio how I originally acquired this body and the zx20 [pointy/large k followed with smaller/smaller letters] neck thats on it now, they were literally in peices, along with 1 additional body and 1 additional Kramer "hockey stick" looking head stock... which i actually neither of i have at this point, which is, quite another intresting story lol, several years ago, the alledged "original owner" and I crossed paths, for a completely seperate engagement, and he had noticed both guitars, that were now both in playing condition and basiclly offered me the moon in cash and/or trade to get them back, and although I had no desire to sell either of them at that point, my morality wouldn't allow me to keep them both, his story was he and an old ex broke up, she had taken the guitars several several years prior, and he had always loved them both sentimental etc. so, and perhaps only because my ex had already done the collage [idk how to spell ca-lodge] anyhow, my ex had already done the cosmetic job on this body/so I compromised and split the pair with him, and thats very interesting, I haven't ever heard of them reffered to as "hockey stick" or "chicken beak" before, however INSTANTLY when you used the term "hockey stick" i thought to myself, well, theres absolutely no mistaking that is exactly what it was lol!! sincerepy/genuinely THANK YOU for the info! 

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