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Wolfetone Pickups - 10th anniversary sale

Tim Plains

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Just thought I'd let you guys know that Wolfetone is having a 20% off sale this month.

You can get great hand-wound pickups for less than what a set of Gibson pickups would cost you.

I bought a set of Marshallheads for my Custom and I love them. These things are great, seriously.

I'm also getting Dr. Vintage pickups for my R8. =D> www.wolfetone.com



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Wow...no one's interested in aftermarket pickups?


LOL! That might be a bit conclusive. =P~ I met (on phone) Wolfe a little over 10 years ago when I was having my custom built. He built some pu's for it after many conversations re: tone and playing style. If I remember correctly, he was living either in his car or at his folks house in the basement at the time. His business had obviously not taken off quite yet.


Nice pu's by the way, but not the tone I was hoping for so they were sold. It's good to see how successful he's become. Hope he has a regular crib by now. +:-@

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