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I've had this guitar since i was a teenager (probably about 14 years). I hadn't played it for a while but i recently dragged it out and had it tuned up. I started researching Gibson serial #'s and it seems to have been produced in 1987. It then occurred to me there was one unusual feature. The toggle switch is in the lower half of the body. I'd never really noticed that before. I can't find any other Les Paul like that. There's no sign that this was done by a previous owner. Does anybody know why it might be?









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I think the invader was part of a family that consisted in 2 more models (don't remember which models tho... they all had bolt on necks and were made in the 80s only).





The Invader, the challenger and one more... maybe the corvus? or the sonex?... I dont remember well (the sonex didnt have "gibson" on the headstock but "sonex" so maybe no, but it looks close enough)...


The challenger I was a 1 pickup guitar and the challenger II had 2, they looked a 2007 single or dual pickup melody maker in the body of a junior, with bolt on neck (best way to explain without pics... the pickguard and body looked like that of the 2007 melody maker but the headstock looked like the normal gibson headstock).



The corvus was... like this (found this image in the forum... old old post by the crazy greek):




SoneX: (looks like the invader but with a large pickguard, maybe due to the 80s superstrat fever)



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