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Deville 410


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I'm hoping to get some advice on an amp I'm looking at. A Hot Rod Deville 410, about 1 year old. Appearance wise it looks new. I haven't played it but will prior to purchasing it. It is selling for $450.


Is this a good amp for blues and blues rock, or should I continue to look around.


What say ye experts?

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I had initially looked at that one, but decided 4x10 at 60w was probably a little too much UMPH for what I wanted. If you gig a bunch, it's probably perfect for you. If not, I'd look for something with less power. That 60w is going to blow you up if you're just playing in your bedroom.

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I have a 2x12 DeVille, it's my main amp.


Doing it all over again, I would get the 4x10.

Sounds better to me at lower volumes with the extra cones.


It can be VERY loud indeed, I know of several people who gig with them - that's why I bought mine.


With the volume and drive both set on 4, it will move pictures in the house.

That's where it sounds perfect to me though...





The only disagreement I have with the above posters is ThunderGod.

You have three channels to choose from, Clean/Drive/More Drive.


I rarely use More Drive because it just gets too thin and shrill for me.

Crank the drive knob around and it gets insane.


If you wanted to really push it, just put an OD pedal in front of it - it would probably sound better.



For the money, there's few amps on the market that can touch it.

I recommend it to anybody who asks....

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