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No 'Custom Shop Historic' L-00 or no 'Faded Series' L-00?


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Gibson has, of course, issued Custom Shop runs of the L-00 such as the '32 L-00 Vintage.   If I recall these came with a price tag of around $5500.  If my memory is correct (which is not always the case) that is more than I paid for my original 1932 L fret L1 which at the time I would have told you I must have been on puppy chow to lay out what I did.  But there are a few others here who know a lot more than I do about the various CS shop L00 runs so hopefully they will chime in.

As to a faded finish version, I figure you will see that when Bozeman wants to come out with an L00 Standard which carries a cheaper price tag.  

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Cheap and cheerful or maximum price, the L-00 doesn’t get included in Gibson plans, other than re-named Blues Kings....which I already have! Since 2007 or so.

Really, I am interested in the Custom Historic Series getting the L-00, I mean the 30s models are pretty famous. It is probably good they don’t make one, because I already have a music room full of L-00 shaped objects of different makes!

BUT, how hard is it to put a Historic model L-00 up.....better wood, more attention to old detail, torrefied adi top, what? And no I don’t want a Made To Measure  before everyone says it.




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