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Hi to all, Dain here.

    Seen my first 57 gibson at the age or 5, was 1968. Tried to touch it but can't remember if I did or not, let's think I did. 

   This is my first post.  The last couple of years have been crazy right! 

   Ok, background. I grew up in and around music. Played a variety of instruments and picked up my first at the age of 10 to 12 hard to remember. Played in the Jr high quartet, band and orchestra. Fast forward always had some kind of guitar around but didn't play much because of life and wonderful wife and 3 kids. My son is about 12 wanting a guitar. The only one I kept from the past was my fender 12 string villager 1958 model I got for $40 in some Oklahoma mini sale paper. I put it up on ebay for auction and got quite a bit of money for it to say the least, but hardlypickedone up untilmuch later. Got my son that cheap guitar he wanted, lasted about a week or so. Then fast forward some more to near present, just over 2 years ago family got me a fender 12 string for Xmas. Played it a little, it needed the bridge shortened a bit, so not much play time plus my old fingers you know.  Then the end of November 2021 we found out my wife has stage 4 cancer. She is a fighter and these new medications do wonders. Well I had been having emotional problems because of the wife and was trying to stay positive and found myself expanding my business a little by picking up musical equipment and instruments for resale. Then in doing so had gotten a couple of guitars and started playing some more and found out it help a lot to get things out of my head or at bay. 

  I had picked up some new Gibsons that had factory setup issues. And found I can still work on instruments the way I use to. I have a 2020 Gibson Les Paul Studio Special Edition Ebony with gold hardware.  The setup was horrible, stop bar was in a bind from being tightened on one side more than the other. So I loosened the strings and fixed that then the intonation was off but I didn't want to adjust that before getting the neck checked and had to adjust that then got to the string height. Started lowering then checked for fret buzz, then some more and more, what the heck is going on here. Got it to where the difference from nut to the end of the neck was .25 , then got the intonation dialed in and then this thing started to sing. It was almost like an acoustic, and when I plugged her in wow just wow. Haven't heard that sound in many years. 

   My wife is still doing ok,OK, and I'm still struggling but playing is helping. I'm including some pictures. We'll I guess I'm not including pictures since it's not working, hopefully I can add some.

Thanks for letting join.


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Welcome to the forum.  To post pictures here, you need to upload to a free online image-hosting site (PostImage, Imgur, Flickr etc), copy the direct link it will give you and paste it into your post on this site.   The amount of memory you get when you join here is only enough to put an avatar pic (mine is my LP Custom) and a couple more tiny pics.

I am in the UK.   I lost my mother to ovarian cancer in 2002.  Between 2018 and 2019, 3 of my oldest friends died of various forms of it; oesophagal, pancreatic, throat.   And another is slowly fading away with inoperable prostate cancer.

Last year my dear eldest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Thanks to early intervention they got the tumour out before it spread to the lymph; she had a short course of radiotherapy and is on a 5-year medication plan.  She is clear ATM but now lives with the possibility of it returning in the future.

Best wishes to you


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