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Is 3rd center pickup different from other two on 3 pickup Les Paul Custom?


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I am looking to possibly purchase a late 70's Les Paul Custom with 3 pickups. 

The original T top neck and bridge pickups are still there, but the center pickup is missing. I would obviously want to replace that with a period original.

Does that center pickup need to be a certain type of pickup that has special windings or something? Or are all three the same?

The pickups do look all the same. I don't recall any special markings on T Top pickups from the 70's. If a guy mixed them up in a box, I don't know how he would put them back in the right place on a guitar other than lead lengths.

Thanks for your help



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I cant see your pics and dont know the answer about the 3rd PU.

2 PU guitars are nearly always different. The bridge PU output is higher. The pickups are generally in matched sets. 

I would suppose that the 3rd (middle) PU would be identical to one of the others. 


If you dont know what you have there and cant glean anything from examining them. Use a multimeter to check output (DC resistance)

That will give you some idea about what else to get for your middle PU.

Research will help, but someone here may know whare to find factory specs for your guitar; assuming they are still original. 

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