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Les Paul Custom w/ rosewood fretboard bad?


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I am considering buying a Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony w/ gold hardware built in Custom Shop 2012. Some people say that this year is considered bad, and that real Les Paul Customs should have ebony fretboard, whereas this has rosewood. 

What is your take on this, sound wise and  reseller value wise? 

Thanks in advance!

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I can’t remember when Gibson was using alternate wood like granadillo

even on some custom 

you’ll have to look for other “fake factors” as well 

at one time people said the Norlin years were bad years yet their prices are walking up to high status

remember you see it on the web “it has to be true”

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Nothing wrong with a rosewood board on a custom - it's just different from most.  Personally, I always liked the feel of rosewood a little better than ebony but could adjust in a few minutes to either.  My first Gibson had a rosewood board and so that is what I was always used to and felt the most familiar. 

My only remaining electric Gibson Custom Shop is a 356 from 2017 with the dreaded Richlite fingerboard and I can't tell the difference in sound or feel from ebony so CS has used alternatives over the years.

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