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Your favorite guitar to play rythem on


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I'm with Mr. Robot on this one.


I use my ES-335 on much of my rhythm stuff, I LOVE the tone and easily controlled feedback from it.

My Tele works for lighter stuff, more strumming/percussive sound.

For big time Rock n Roll power chords with lotsa sustain I use a Les Paul.

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I've played Gibson Flying Vs almost exclusively for over 20 years! I was initially influenced by Rudolf Schenker from the Scorps and his slicing rhythm/ chord sounds and that's still the tone I chase!


My band released an album last year-- www.myspace.com/section30band


Most of the harder rockin' rhythm guitars and feedback notes here were done with my black '81 flying V fitted with Duncan Alnico IIs. The "loose-o-matic" bridge was so rattley I replaced it with a TONEPROS system... I HIGHLY recommend this for any of you having bridge issues! I know it's sacreligious to alter an older axe like this but she's a player and I need her to be consistent and reliable. I used a Dual Rectifier for the harder tones, which is OK but not my dream amp... even so you can still hear my Flying V's crunch and punch coming through. That's a Vox AC30 for the clean/ shimmering sounds.


I use a 1995 '67 reissue flying V live but my '81 will always be my go-to guitar for rhythm sounds, clean and dirty... for me it has the perfect combination of warmth, clarity and punch to cut through any mix! M

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