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Is this guitar real or fake?


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I need the experts on this forum help. I usually go by the my friend's pawn shop to find "treasures". I ran into this guitar that looks like a gibson, feels like a gibson, but there are a couple things that don't feel right. Any information on this would be very helpful. Thank you in advance!

The inlays look like they may be the supreme figured style, but every supreme figured les paul...says supreme on the headstock....I ran the serial number through the dater and it said:

Your guitar was made at the

Bozeman Plant , MA, USA

May 23rd, 2003

Production Number: 137










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By the way' date=' your question "Is this guitar real or fake?" can't really be answered yes or no. Well actually, it could be answered yes (which I did) because obviously "Yes" it has to either be real or fake.


What were you other guys thinking? "No", it's not real [i']or[/i] fake? Then what is it?


I was thinking the exact same thing. Why can't people figure out how to phrase their poll questions correctly. It isn't that hard.

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