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2013 Hummingbird TV Custo Shop Build


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7 hours ago, Salfromchatham said:

I am pretty sure no cooked tops in 2013. Gibson probably shipped with Masterbilt 80/20 lights.

1 Right ^

2 has been discussed. Gibson themselves claimed it was their own steel as said above, but another member claimed Gibson-strings were just GHS or something. 

When I did my heavy research and even bought old strings from 2 Hummingbirds hanging on 2 different shop-walls 😮, my investigations showed the factory-steel came with golden end-balls where Masterbuilt 80/20 bronze had silver*. Same counts for GHS (or that other brand the member mentioned) - they simply had different ball-ends. 

I had to give up - but something tells me things/strings have changed. My research went down in 2013-14-15. 


*Masterbuilt Phosphor Bronze had gold. 🧐

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On 3/1/2023 at 11:07 AM, hojo199 said:

Hi, All,

Couple of quickie questions:was this guitar built with torrified top? What strings did Gibson ship these with?

Somewhere on here is an A/B I did of a 2012 TV and a 2016 baked top model, with soundclips. The TV held it’s own and I sold the 2016 Vintage. (only to later sell that and replace it with 2017 Vintage) 🙂 

The baked top models are a little lighter and a bit more dry sounding—-generally of course—-you never really know with a gibson until you play it.


edit: just realized I wasn’t answering your question 🙂 … sorry folks

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