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Custom Shop finish issues !


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Well, at 63 and after making may sacrafices to realise this I finally pulled the trigger on a 59 ES-355 VOS last summer. all seemed fine intill this morning...

Here is a copy of what I just sent to Gibson support:


I purchased this 59 ES335 VOS a few months back from Long&Mcquade in Trois-Rivières Qc. ThIs morning I noticed what looked a dull spot on the neck near the binding. So I figured maybe I dropped something there and it needs cleaning. So I used a soft cloth to try to clean the spot but it was not clearing up. Then I very lightly took my nail to it, thinking maybe something dried up there and I need just to insist a bit. Well the spot stared getting larger as I touched it. I then realised it was the finish coming right off the back of the neck. I showed this to a professional luthier of 40 years experience and he concurred. The finish seems to not be properly sticking to the neck. I did not try the same on other parts of the body but I have to assume the instrument was sprayed in a single session so the issue would be with the entire instrument. The dealer is suggesting having the guitar sent to the Toronto center for repair... I do not agree! This is a custom shop instrument and should be returned to the custom shop. I also feel , at this price point and so early in the life of the instrument, it would not be fair or appropriate that I fond myself without the instrument for a long period. So i reuqest an immediate replacement, nothing else would be satisfactory. I am not rich by any means, this was a late in life acquisition. I accepted to pay the very high price for a Gibson custom instrument. I now hope Gibson Custom will stand behind it's work and resolve this without any delay. I will be posting this to the Gibson Forum and other platform, I will also be posting follow ups to describe how Gibson will handle the situation.


Tank You !


Claude Panneton

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Return it to the dealer.  Gibson will not deal directly with you in any sort of satisfactory, to you, way.  That's what dealers are for.  The only way, the ONLY way they will get the flick is if a big dealer is returning guitars.  It sucks, but it is the way it is, and you didn't make it that way.  Good luck with it.


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