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lesser known music we need to hear


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bucmasters post got me to thinking....theres so much music out there we all have yet to discover. lets post songs and artist that r lesser known that we might enjoy...share them with each other...seee what we can come up with...heres one hank williams III grandson of hank williams, son of hank williams jr.

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heres one i discovered while searching for hank williams had to share....i love appalachian music....it is our american history our culture...this woman is 78 died jan. 9 2009...probably played all her life not for fame or fortune,or recognition...just for the love of it...to sooth the weary soul...beautiful.....and she is playing a hummingbird...ronniehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJgJ9qJNsZc&feature=related

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Man I love Hank III! You're The Reason was on our set list and I think I wore out my copy of Risin' Outlaw. great hillbilly honky tonk with attitude!
yea he just finished a tour. starting another june or july....i saw him here in albuquerque....always goes to texas check his website for dates...i just thought of anothere great lesser known texas artist wayne the train hancock who was hank III's mentor in his early days. heres one of waynes songs hank III covered on rising outlaw....ronniehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMYjdv9pCsc
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Not sure if this guy would be considered a lesser known



good stuff edgar...mississippi delta...talk about american roots music....thats the foundation rock n roll was built on...what a place what a time think of all the great artist, that came from there in the early to mid twentieth century....but probably barely make enough to eat..lots of blind artist too.. i wonder if music was a carrier of last resort for these people...ronnie
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I LOVE threads like this.... I'm always on the look-out for new music.


That Lucille Boggs one has gone into my favourites. What a shame she's no longer with us. I'll bet she provided her family with years of wonderful songs.

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This gal is from Memphis and she is a total bad ***. Check out the guy playing gypsy violin.

omg!!!!she is a total bad ***.....it is so sad the state of Nashville today...this pop country bullshit were being fed...taylor swift,shanania twain,toby keith,tim mgraw ect......making millions....nothing more than corporate puppets...and acts like her get barely recognised that girl had had a groove i loved that song....and it will be like that until the people stand up and say we wont consume that crap anymore......we want something thats real...i hope i didn't ruffle any feathers thats just the truth as i see it..........ronnie
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Garrison Starr is one of my favourite songwriters. She was on Geffen in the 90s, and dropped after a dispute. She's been independent for about ten years now.


Jay Nash is another. They did a few performances together for Sun Studio Sessions, as well as their solo work, and tours together. They also played together with The North La Brea All-Star Conquistadors (with Gabriel Mann, a friend of mine, and Adrianne).


I'm quite fond of Garrison's "Inside Out," and "Beautiful In Los Angeles" (you may have heard the latter on The Hills, for all you fans...).

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Man, there is so much good "under the radar" music out there. Let me run down a list that you may or may not know:


Neko Case

Bon Iver

Sun Kil Moon

The Black Keys

Fleet Foxes

Drive By Truckers

Jason Isbell

Aimee Mann

Jenny Lewis

Andrew Bird

Dan Auerbach

Dr. Dog

Ben Kweller

Okkervil River

Blitzen Trapper

M. Ward

Sufjan Stevens

Death Cab for Cutie

Bright Eyes / Conor Oberst

Grizzly Bear

PJ Harvey

Iron & Wine

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