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All Walnut Guitars?


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I call my J-15 my "walnut" J-45 all the time.

It's a walnut J-45 with a maple neck and walnut fretboard.

Limited run, too.

I also own a 1979 solid walnut S.G. with an ebony board I bought NOS in 1993. I found it in an old music store in Lake Charles, La. when the owner had died and his (elderly) wife was liquidating. I knew the old guy and back in the 80's he had a NOS "Recording" Les Paul that I wanted, because mine was getting worn out, but when we searched the place it was gone, but this 14 year old NEW guitar was hiding. I bought it on the spot.

I love walnut.

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On 3/5/2023 at 5:12 PM, Salfromchatham said:

I’ve heard a J45 all walnut model on the interwebs.

has anyone heard others? Martins? 000’s? Own one?

thoughts? What to expect?


I had a guitar that I made out of walnuts, and took it outside last summer to play in the yard.

Went back in to grab a pick, and when I got back, it was gone.

Eaten by the squirrels.

Just so you know,



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Well, I almost bought a Martin Special Run all Walnut 000 from Manchester Music Mill. They look stunning, and I thought it might scratch the itch left by my 000-28, which I sold to my friend a year and a half back.

instead, I am thinking Gibson.

J-45 Studio Rosewood. Short scale, thinner body depth, warm…

we will see. I know I loved the Studio in Walnut I owned two years ago.


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