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Alert! 60s LG2 Cherry Burst on Daisy Jones!


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The Boss and I have watched all 6 episodes of Daisy Jones on Prime and have to wait another week for the next episodes...

Apart from Daisy (Riley Keough) being Elvis’ granddaughter, I noticed her with a....gasp.....60s LG2 cherry burst! I want! I want! I think they stopped making LG2s around 1962.

So, my 59 LG3 has been getting a lot of play! I might need to get some red spray cans.....make it cherry, LG3 is old plain Jane, eh?

AND...my 1952 LG1 is getting repaired and must be about to come home! I cannot believe how much theses LGs are worth now! And I suppose the few cherry reds for sale will be gone after everyone watches the Daisy Jones shows!

AND, I just read that Riley herself owns the LG2 she uses in the show AND the guitar strap is a replica of Elvis’ strap in the 69 Comeback Special!

AND, out came my (2005) cherry burst  Dove, very pretty!





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